LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag 750 for safely containing 750 Wh e-bike batteries

The first model of the e-bike safety bag from LithiumSafe was developed for containing the fire and explosion of a 504 Wh e-bike battery. As the use of even more powerful batteries with a capacity of 750 Wh becomes more popular in the market due to the faster charging time, LithiumSafe has developed a second model, the Battery Bag 750.
There is a big difference in the intensity of the explosion and fire when you compare batteries from a range of 500 Wh to 750 Wh. The explosion pressure of a 750 Wh cell pack is many times greater and the fire is more intense.

For this reason, the Battery bag 750 has a number of new features. On the outside this is a stronger and more robust closure and the addition of one extra filter on the back side. The filters also have a larger diameter to quickly relieve the extremely high pressure of the explosion. The filters are produced according to a unique production technology that results in a breathable material which blocks high temperature flames at the same time.

The increased risk of e-bike batteries

Around the world, the use of electrical bicycles – also known as e-bikes – has grown at an impressive pace during the last decade. With double digit annual growth rates in many markets. Currently, a wide range of e-bike models are available on the market, with some reaching speeds of 80 km/ h (50 mph).

When a battery overheats to the point that a thermal runaway reaction is triggered, the destructive effect of the explosion and fire is enormous. E-bike batteries are often charged in or around homes and businesses and so lives and property is at risk. Hundreds of e-bike battery fires and explosions happen each year due to malfunctioning and aging batteries.

The LithiumSafe Battery Bag 750 keeps the e-bike battery fire inside.

Watch the Battery Bag 750 in Action below.

Note: The video shows the relevant part of the test only. The complete test lasted for hours.
The battery used had a capacity of 750 Wh, consisting of 40 pcs of 21700 cells and was charged up to 50%

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