Safe packaging for shipping Lithium Ion batteries

It’s a frequently asked question: what packaging should we use to safely ship Lithium Ion batteries? The question is mostly raised by sending companies (manufacturers of Lithium batteries) and transporting companies, as they both legally take responsibility for any accidents that might occur. After all, during transport, batteries present a serious danger to human health and safety and infrastructure.

The legal requirements of packaging LiB’s are made by the United Nations, and are described in the document ‘Recommendation on the transport of dangerous good’. This 500 pages document is being revised and updated regularly.

Safe packaging and shipping starts with the categorization of the dangerous goods that must be shipped. Are you shipping Lithium ion batteries? They are classified under class 9: miscellaneous dangerous goods. The classification describes which labels, markings and documentation are required. Step two is finding a specialised packaging supplier or manufacturer that can help you developing the right type of packaging for your Lithium ion batteries. A partner who can offer guidance on regulation and has the experience in fire testing Lithium ion batteries.

LithiumSafe can help you. We are at the forefront of the Lithium Battery fire protection industry, continuously testing and developing engineered solutions. Together with our clients, we have developed several packaging products that are now succefully being used for safe shipment of LiB’s. Are these pre-approved LithiumSafe packaging product available to anyone? It depends.

Lithium ion batteries come in various shapes and sizes. They are packed separately or together in a carton box, and they store different amounts of energy. All these factors have influence on the intensity of the fire and how quickly it develops. The requirements set for the fire protection performance of the packaging also differ per market segment. Where a fire contaiment of 10 minutes can be acceptable for one, another might require 45 minutes.


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