LithiumSafe™ Pocket, a handy fire safety product for battery cells

The LithiumSafe Pocket is specifically designed for safely storing battery cells. They are typically used by battery manufacturers and testing laboratoria, who are seeking for an adequate fire safety product that doesn’t take in much space. The pockets can be made in any size for a perfect fit for all types of battery cells ( prismatic, cylindrical, pouch).

Due to the limited amount of space inside the pocket, pressure builts up quickly in the event of a thermal runaway and some smoke will find it's way out. The smoke containment performance can be improved with a pocket having a double-length, folded over once. The fold will function as a barrier for the smoke. The LithiumSafe pocket can be made with a velcro strap on the back so that it can be fixed easily on a working station, for example. In this way you always have safety within reach.

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