LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag for portable electronic devices, spare battery cells and packs

The LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag is a fire containment bag designed for spare lithium batteries and portable electronic devices (PED) carrying them.

The unique configuration of the Lithium safety bag consists of high temperature insulation & fire resisting materials that are able to withstand the explosive release of energy and cell combustion, as a result of a lithium ion thermal runaway.

Intensively tested and highly customizable to any size or color.

First Aviation grade Fire Containment Bag on the market

Installed on board of +1000 aircraft

Preferred solution by major aviation companies

Outstanding battery fire insulation performance

All the materials that are used are non-combustible and can withstand continuous temperatures up to 1100 C (2012 °F) The temperature of a Lithium battery fire can easily reaches 600 – 1000 °C (1112 – 1832 °F) In addition to the high temperature resistance, the thermal conductivity of the insulation material is extremely low, allowing the use of minimal material thickness. In particular at high temperatures, the material far exceeds the insulation effect of alternative insulation materials. The low rising of the thermal conductivity with temperature increase and minimal shrinkage at maximum temperature is also advantageous for the LithiumSafe containment bag. The material is shock resistant; it tolerates fast heating and cooling cycles for a long period of time, which is ideal in the event of a thermal runaway.

RC LiPO battery bags?

If you have been searching for Lithium safety bags on the web, you've probably came accross some low-priced "RC LiPo safety bags". These bags are often made in Asia and although they market them as 'safety bags', these bags are absolutely not effective in containing the intense blaze of a thermal runaway fire. They are made of glass fiber filled nylon which burns so easily, that you might as well not add any form of protection. Check out this video to see the destructive effect of a Lithium fire on such a bag.

A tailor made battery fire safety innovation

Lithium batteries, and the devices carrying them, come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, the LithiumSafe Battery Bag is a fully customized product that can be made in any size. Two standard sizes are manufactured and available from stock; A large 17" laptop size (LSBB4744) and a standard Tablet size (LSBB3532) The closure mechanism of the bag is a flexible flap with Velcro tape on the inside, making it easy to close in the event of an emergency.

The bag can be made in various colors, to match with a corporate identity for instance. After impregnating the technical fabric with the desired color pigment, the fabric gets a thin silcone coating on the outer surface. This makes the battery bag water resistant, easy to clean and prevents wearing. It also increases the overall strength. Furhermore, the bag can even be more personalized with a company logo. The LithiumSafe Battery Bag is more than a fire safety innovation, it’s an aesthetically pleasing product and can be used as a distinctive marketing tool for businesses.


• Notebooks

• Tablets, iPads

• Smartphones

• Smart bag battery packs

• Defibrillators

• Camera’s

• Smartwatches


• E-cigarettes

• Hoverboards

• Spare Lithium battery cells and packs

Aviation certifications?

Our LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag is certified according to both EASA and FAA flammability standard CS 25.853.

Since 2014, The LithiumSafe Battery Bag is the benchmark within the aviation and aerospace industries for safe handling of PED thermal runaway fires. Ask for our Aviation Reference list.

Some of our customers about the LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag:

As we test lithium batteries each day, we were in search for an adequate containment solution to use in case of a thermal runaway emergency situation. We have choosen to purchase the LithiumSafe Battery Bags & Gloves because of the proven technical performance in combination with the competitive price level.

UCL - University College London, Chemical Engineering Dep.

The quality and strength of the bags is indeed of the highest quality and the business is very impressed! Thanks for customizing the bags - the orange color and our company logo on it makes it also a very stylish product. Thank you!

Flydubai / Dubai Aviation Company

We have placed the LithiumSafe Battery Pockets together with the safety Gloves in our line and demonstrated it to our operators. They are very pleased with this safety upgrade. Your pockets are making a great impression on everyone at our factory.

Northvolt - Giga factory Li-ion battery cells

When in flight, our electronic devices could pose a danger to the flight crew’s safety if a thermal runaway were to occur. In order to eliminate this risk we have ensured all aircraft contain a set of LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag and Gloves.

LithiumSafe was chosen because of the Quality and responsiveness of organization, and the ability to make the product exactly to our requirements.

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Skyborne Aviation Academy

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