LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag 504 for safely containing High Power e-bike batteries

In response to the increasing demand for a fireproof safety bag for safely storing, transporting and charging e-bike batteries, LithiumSafe™ has developed the Battery Bag 504.
The bag is capable of containing the extremely intense fire and explosive release of energy of batteries having a capacity up to 504 Wh. The product is made of a muti-layer configuration consisting of advanced, high temperature and fire resistant materials. At the same time, these materials provide very high mechanical strength, which is necessary to absorb the high pressure of the battery explosion. In the middle of the bag, a special, self-developed filter system is placed to dissipate the smoke in a controlled manner and to purify it from burning lithium particles. The product has been tested and certified by a third party independent laboratory.

The increased risk of e-bike batteries

Around the world, the use of electrical bicycles – also known as e-bikes – has grown at an impressive pace during the last decade. With double digit annual growth rates in many markets. Currently, a wide range of e-bike models are available on the market, with some reaching speeds of 80 km/ h (50 mph).

When a battery overheats to the point that a thermal runaway reaction is triggered, the destructive effect of the explosion and fire is enormous. E-bike batteries are often charged in or around homes and businesses and so lives and property is at risk. Hundreds of e-bike battery fires and explosions happen each year due to malfunctioning and aging batteries.


The configuration of the Battery Bag 504 has proven to be effective in containing a 504 WH e-Bike battery fire. Since the bag is highly customizable in terms of size and shape, the bag can also be used for other batteries / devices having less or equal capacity.

Fire Containment and Thermal Insulation

The Battery Bag 504 is made of multiple layers of highly insulating materials. It does not only contain the fire, it also thermally insulates it. The outer surface of the bag will remain below 60 °C / 140 °F, while the temperature inside reaches max 1370 °C / 2498 °F.

The LithiumSafe Battery Bag 504 keeps the e-bike battery fire inside.

Watch the Battery Bag 504 in Action below.

Note: The video shows the relevant part of the test only. The complete test lasted for hours.
The battery used had a capacity of 504 Wh, consisting of 40 pcs of 18650 cells and was charged up to 40%

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