LithiumSafe Battery Box, a rigid and durable storage container for Lithium batteries

For battery applications that require a more robust solution, the LithiumSafe Battery Box is the answer. Made from galvanised or stainless steel, and with our highly advanced fire insulation materials incorporated, the LithiumSafe Battery Box is a heavy-duty fire and explosion containment system. This makes the LithiumSafe battery box the ideal solution for safely storing, charging and transporting lithium ion batteries.

Very low critical temperature items can be insulated due to the high performance insulation that is used in the rigid steel panels from which the box is made. The LithiumSafe Battery is custom-manufactured in sections designed to safely store lithium items of any size and quantity.


Engineered to fight all problems: containment of fire, explosion and release of toxic gases.



• Manufacturers of Li-ion batteries and electronics

• Electronics retailers

• Medical / pharma electronic devices

• OEM Power tools, devices

• Automotive, electric hybrid vehicles and parts

• Warehousing

• Waste and recycling facilities

System features

• High temperature resistant up to 2192 ºF

• Lightweight, highly advanced fire insulation materials incorporated in double steel walls

• Steel vents for relieve of explosion pressure

• Filter sysyem in lid to prevent release of toxic gasses

• Fire insulated collar/plugs for charging (optionally)

• Easy to use clip fixing system

• Carry handle(s)

• Wheels mounted underneath the box for mobility (optionally)

• Standard grey-steel color (can be sprayed in any color on request)

• Company logo/branding can be added on request

Protecting equipment and installations

Based on the same configuration, removable panels can be made for fireproofing equipment and installations that operates on Lithium ion batteries. These customized enclosure systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Contact LithiumSafe to discuss a tailor made LithiumSafe Battery Box for your specific application.

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