LithiumSafe™ Battery Box

The LithiumSafe™ Battery Box is designed for safely storing, charging and transporting lithium ion batteries. The most intensively tested battery fire containment solution on the market, engineered to fight all thermal runaway problems:

  • Containment of fire and explosion
  • Thermally insulating extremely high temperatures
  • Filtration of toxic fumes

  • Applications

    • Manufacturers of Li-ion batteries and electronics

    • Lithium ion battery research and testing laboratories

    • E-bike manufacturers, retailers, consumers

    • Micro mobility, scooter and e-bike rental service

    • E-bike and scooter delivery services

    • Electronics retailers

    • Medical / pharma electronic devices

    • OEM Power tools, devices

    • Automotive, electric hybrid vehicles and parts

    • Warehousing

    • Waste and recycling facilities

    System features

    • High temperature resistant up to 2552 ºF / 2552 ºC

    • Lightweight, highly advanced fire insulation materials incorporated in walls, bottom and lid

    • Special fire resistant vents for controlled relieve of explosion pressure

    • Filter sysyem in lid to prevent release of toxic gasses

    • Fire resistant cable entry plugs for safe charging while storing (optional)

    • Easy to use clip fixing system

    • Carry handle(s)

    • Wheels mounted underneath the box for mobility (optional)

    • Active ventilator system connected to thermostat for cooling down battery while charging (optional)

    • Standard aluminium silver color (can be sprayed in any color on request)

    • Company logo/branding can be added on request


    Watch the Battery Box in Action below.

    Note: The video shows a fire test carried out by an external, independent test laboratory. The model box used is the "XL" (LSBX0155) and the total capacity/energy of the battery pack is 7000 Wh (7 kWh). Never before has a fire containment system been successfully tested to contain such a high energy load.



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