LithiumSafe™ Wall Mounted Emergency Kit

Introducing the LithiumSafe™ Battery Emergency Kit – the essential safety companion for dealing with battery-related incidents. This innovative kit is designed to provide quick and efficient access to critical safety gear, featuring the LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag and LithiumSafe™ Gloves.

Key Features:

1. Wall-Mountable Convenience: The LithiumSafe™ Battery Emergency Kit is specifically designed to be wall-mounted for easy access. It has 2 x velcro hook strips on the back. The emergenc kit is supplied with two loose velcro loop strips. These loop strips must be mounted on the wall. This can be done by screwing, nailing or stapling. By hanging it on the wall, you ensure that essential safety equipment is always within arm's reach in case of a battery fire emergency.

2. Rapid Deployment: In the event of a battery fire incident, simply pull the kit's flap, and the LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag and Gloves drop down, ready for immediate use. This intuitive design ensures a swift response to emergencies, helping you tackle battery fires effectively.

3. Comprehensive Protection: The LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag is specially engineered to contain and suppress lithium-ion battery fires, offering a critical layer of protection during emergencies. The LithiumSafe™ Gloves provide an additional safeguard by allowing you to handle potentially dangerous situations safely.

4. Dual Functionality: The wall-mounted bag can also be used as a portable carry bag. This versatility ensures that you can take the Containment Kit with you wherever you go.

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