Skyborne Airline Academy puts safety first

Skyborne is one of the most respected and trusted airline academies in the industry. With multiple first class training facilities worldwide, Skyborne develops industry-level professional pilots. The headquarters at Gloucestershire Airport, UK, includes a 13.000 ft training centre which is equipped with the very latest aircraft, top-of-the-range flight simulators and ground school training equipment.

Skyborne puts safety first. As a paperless flight deck Skyborne provides approved tablet devices to the flight crew which contain essential navigation and flight deck data. When in flight, these electronic devices could pose a danger to the flight crew’s safety if a thermal runaway were to occur. In order to eliminate this risk Skyborne has ensured all aircraft contain a set of LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag and Gloves to maximise the safety of the flight crew.

Each aircraft type DA40 and DA42 will carry a set of LithiumSafe™ Battery Bag and Gloves, stowed in a storage pocket accessible for the flight crew so that safety is always within reach.

Skyborne has chosen for LithiumSafe because of the Quality and responsiveness of organization, and the ability to make the product exactly to their requirements.